What to Wear


Please send your child in comfortable clothing that will not restrict his/her participation in activities, especially outdoors.

Avoid sending your child in his/her best clothes as we do lots of messy activities at Preschool.

It is also important to allow for changes in the weather. (Layers are often helpful).

During summer Children should wear clothing that covers and protects their shoulders and a hat is essential (a brimmed hat is best).

Shoes should provide adequate support and grip – joggers are usually best.
Children may take their shoes off during the day  (this promotes sensory- motor development).

Please ensure that everything is clearly named.

Children should wear clothes that they can manage themselves.


Shorts and t-shirts.
Loose dresses with short sleeves etc.
NO strappy or backless dresses, as they do not provide adequate protection from the sun.


Track pants, leggings (with NO feet), skivvies and jumpers/polar fleeces that are easily washed.
Layers of clothing that can be easily added or removed as the temperature inside and out can vary significantly.
Singlets are your child’s best friend in winter, adding significant warmth without bulk.

Clothes to avoid

Tight buttons, belts, braces, overalls and tights/stockings are often very difficult to manage.
If you dress your child in these please ensure they can manage them for toileting etc.


Sensible footwear that fits properly is important for safety and foot development.
Please don’t send your children in thongs, hi-top boots or slides.

We encourage children to wear a hat outdoors all year round.


A brimmed hat is best.
During the warmer part of the year if your child does not have a hat on they must play in the shade or on the verandah.


All children should have sunscreen on when they arrive in the morning.
Sunscreen is available on the stand at the front door if required.