Morning Tea / Lunch / Afternoon Tea

Please do not send peanuts or peanut butter to Preschool.

Each year we have children enrolled at Preschool who have allergies to food and other products within the environment.

Our duty of care is to ensure that we provide an environment that minimises the risk of harm to children wherever possible.

We ask that no nut products or spreads are sent to the Preschool.


As required for licensing by National Regulations the children’s morning tea, lunch and drinks must be stored in the refrigerator until they are to be consumed.

Fruit Break at 9:30

Please pack Fruit or Vegetables only in a container marked with your child’s name.


Sandwiches, fruit, cheese, savoury snacks, small salads, dairy free yoghurt in a lunch box, clearly marked with your child’s name.
Please avoid sending insulated lunch boxes as they take up too much room in the fridge and may prevent food from cooling adequately when in the fridge.

Afternoon Tea

It is a good idea to also send a healthy snack e.g. Fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, dairy free yoghurt etc. in case your child is hungry during the day.

Additional Afternoon Tea – extended hours –  for children staying after 3.15 pm please provide a healthy snack.


In line with our Nutrition Policy, sweets, chocolate, chips, cakes, etc. are ‘sometimes foods’ are not encouraged at Preschool.

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to reheat food, so all foods must be able to be eaten straight from the lunch box.


Please send a named drink bottle with your child each day.
Water is the preferred drink for Preschool, please DO NOT send cordial or soft drink.

Fresh water and cups are always available.


We love to celebrate children’s birthdays.
If you would like your child to share their birthday with their friends at Preschool please send enough cup-cakes, mini-doughnuts or a large cake for at least 30 children.

We will make a special birthday hat for them to take home.

Other birthday ideas include small jelly cups, iced biscuits, honey joys, mini muffins or ice blocks etc.

Please check with staff if you are unsure.

Fruit Roster (Due to Covid-19 Restrictions we no longer share Fruit platters)

The Preschool encourages parents/guardians to be involved in the preparation of morning tea.

This involves spending the morning with us and provides an opportunity for you to observe your child in the Preschool setting.

It can also be a good time to talk to the Director about your child’s progress. You will be asked to prepare the children’s fruit, (the procedure is on the wall in the kitchen) and to wash up after morning tea.

If you are interested please put your name on the roster for your child’s day, located in the Sign In/Out folder.