Money Matters

Fees and Subsidies

The fees paid for a child to attend have a huge impact on the operation of the Preschool.
All fees go towards running costs, staff salaries and equipment for your child to use while attending.
You can help the Preschool to operate smoothly and efficiently by paying your fees promptly.
As we are a not for profit organisation, fees may vary from year to year but we will endeavour to keep them as low as possible.

An enrolment fee is payable to confirm a child’s place at Preschool. The fee is payable when the Administrative Assistant offers a place to the child. An invoice for term fees is issued in week one of each term. Fees are due by week 4 of the term unless other arrangements have been made with the Administrative Assistant. (Payment by instalment is an option).

  • You are not charged for school or public holidays.
  • An administration fee may also be incurred on overdue fees.
  • In the event of a child leaving, 2 weeks notice is required or 2 weeks fees must be paid.
  • Fees must be paid whether or not a child attends his/her enrolled session.

Fees can be paid by direct deposit – this is the preferred method.
Our bank account details for direct deposit are:
Moruya Preschool Kindergarten
NAB – BSB: 082 739
Account No.: 50 981 3186

Alternatively, fees may be placed in the “Fees Box”, clearly marked with the child’s name and the amount enclosed.

Fees for 2022 ( Start Strong Preschool Fee Free Funding has been confirmed for 2022, so nil fees at this stage will be charged to families)

  • $15 – Standard fee full day
  • $13 – Subsidised Fee full day (health care or pension card)
  • $15 – Half day fee (Wednesday)
  • $10 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island
  • $10 exceptional circumstances
  • Casual day fee $15

Additional Fee information

  • Annual Membership fee of $15 is payable.
  • Enrolment Administration fee $30 is payable.
  • Fundraising fee of $20 per term per family.
  • There is a fee reduction of 25% for the second child from the same family.
  • Twins pay one and half Preschool fees.
  • Casual days are available if we have less than 30 children attending session.  Casual days are payable at full rate.
  • Extended hours are available to parents if there is a particular need e.g. work commitments or appointments. Children can be dropped off and picked up ½ an hour before and after each session.  This is not part of the normal Preschool day. Please be considerate of staff preparation time and advise staff in advance if you intend to use this option.
  • Sick days must be paid for even if your child does not attend.

Child Care Benefit for approved care (long day care) is not available to Preschool parents.

Child Care Tax Rebate (CCR) = The 50% Tax Rebate

Unfortunately we are unable to offer CCR to our families as we are a State funded service.