Health Hygiene and Safety


No immunisation papers? = No Enrolment……..
(note – for further information please open link NSW Department of Education)

Parents are required to provide early childhood education and care services with proof that their child is immunised, or that they hold a valid exemption for their child.

Service providers will be prohibited from enrolling a child unless they have documentation from the child’s parents showing that either:

  • the child is fully vaccinated for their age; or
  • the child is on a recognised vaccination catch-up schedule; or
  • the child has a medical contraindication to vaccination; or

Proof of up to date immunisation is required prior to enrolment. A copy of the Immunisation History Statement (not the blue book) is required.

Infectious Diseases

Hand Washing is one of the most effective ways to minimise spread of illness.
Parents should encourage children to wash their hands on arrival and departure.

For information on common diseases and their exclusions periods, please click HERE.

Why do we exclude sick children?

  • To minimise the risk of cross-infection.
  • To protect other children and staff.
  • So that the sick child is able to have his/her needs met in a more supportive quiet environment.
  • Because we do not have the facilities to care for sick children.

When can my Child return to Moruya Preschool?

  • When it has been 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • 24 hours after the start of antibiotics. I.e.: usually 3 doses.
  • Upon presentation of a medical certificate to confirm that the child is well enough to return to Moruya Preschool after an infectious illness.

Please note: Whilst it is a doctor’s role to provide a medical certificate of clearance, ULTIMATELY it is the Director’s responsibility to decide if the child is well enough to return to Moruya Preschool and fully participate in the program.
We do not have the facilities or staff to manage children who are unwell.