Moruya Preschool Philosophy

“All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation.”

Moruya Preschool is governed by the National Quality Framework, which includes the National Law, the National Regulations and the National Quality Standard. Our Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and fundamental to the framework are the concepts Belonging, Being and Becoming, which have become the basis of our Philosophy.

At Moruya Preschool we understand the significance of early childhood. We know that what happens during these years is vital as it lays the foundation for one’s; self-concept, relationships and future learning and so; shapes the adult each child will become.

We believe that children are individuals with individual strengths, interests, learning styles and needs. We believe that children have rights and that they will be included regardless of gender, religion, culture, family structure, economic status or disability. We value our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and integrate aspects of indigenous culture into our program and environment.


Our interactions with children, families, the broader community and each other are friendly, respectful, professional and confidential. They are supportive and encouraging of open communication. Through positive interactions and building connections between home and the community, we aim to develop a strong sense of belonging for the children and families at Moruya Preschool.

Our environment is secure and welcoming, attractive and interesting, accessible, age appropriate and challenging. Through caring for our environment both natural and constructed we maintain order and encourage responsibility. We are committed to sustainable practices and teaching children to conserve resources so that they are available for future generations.


Moruya Preschool is children learning together through play. Play based learning provides the opportunity; to explore, experiment, discover and solve problems. It allows children to talk and listen, to be busy and relaxed, and to have fun! Above all it is about being in the moment. Our role as educators is to facilitate this through nurturing, supporting, extending, teaching, guiding; and reflecting objectively on our observations, practice and principles. In this way, we work with children to co-construct learning and develop their sense of agency.

Our program therefore is child-centred; organised according to their needs and interests; recognising that all children develop at their own pace, offering choice and encouraging all to reach their potential. Our program provides experiences and extends children in all areas of development (self/help, social/emotional, language, intellectual, physical) and creatively, within the five outcomes of the EYLF.

We work at a balance between the routine or rhythm of the day, thoughtful, intentional teaching; experiences initiated by the children and spontaneous happenings. The key is flexibility and taking advantage of teachable moments. We value equally indoor and outdoor play and individual and group activities. At Moruya Preschool there is an emphasis on relationships and social interactions and the fostering of skills such as sharing, turn taking, co-operating, negotiating and working well with others.

We believe that it is important not to be limited by our setting, so in order to widen the horizons of our children we take them out into the community for excursions and to participate in local events. Family and interested community members are also invited to participate in the program sharing for example expert knowledge on a particular topic or an area of interest.

Just as our philosophy is embedded in the program, our program is underpinned by a curriculum. Our curriculum has evolved over many years through consultation with children, parents, other professionals, community members and our team. It is informed by traditional theorists including: Piaget (Stages of cognitive development); and Bruner (Scaffolding); and more contemporary theories like The Multiple Intelligences of Gardner; Nicholson’s Theory of Loose parts; and socioculturalism. It is also influenced by a variety of educational approaches such as: Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Montessori.


Moruya Preschool’s culture therefore is dynamic and inclusive. The local community, the staff and the families whose children attend shape it and in turn, Moruya Preschool contributes to, enriches and strengthens these connections as well as the lives of the children enrolled.

The overall intention at Moruya Preschool is for children to develop positive attitudes, knowledge and skills around themselves, others and the environment. We aim to equip them for life and learning. This is the becoming and it equates to Goal 2 of the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians, that “All young Australians become Successful learners, Confident and creative individuals and Active and informed citizens.”(2)

With all this in mind, we have a strong commitment to collaboration, professionalism, continuous improvement and most importantly, delivering high quality early childhood education and care.

(1) Vision – Investing in the Early Years – a National Early Childhood Development Strategy, Council of Australian Governments.
(2) On 5 December 2008, State, Territory and Commonwealth Ministers of Education meeting as the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, released the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for young Australians.